Nova Crossing

by dead lizard grin

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I turn a page of a photo album and see my father's '64 Chevy on a ferry, my brother and I in the back seat, all afloat on the Mississippi River.

Examining the photograph, I recognize myself, my brother, the car, but I experience it only in the third person. Memory tells me a convincing lie that I was never there.

Yet the nagging evidence of the photograph persists . . .

Time slips past me, always moving faster and faster. Looking at old snapshots, I find that my memory has filled with lacunae. It has become a library with pages or entire volumes missing. The general shape of history remains, but details are fading. I recognize this as an early echo an approaching mortality.

It must be in this way that we become strangers to our pasts and ourselves We are crystals of life suspended in currents of indifferent, fluid time, dissolving, dissolving . . .

"Nova Crossing/1970" is an imagined field recording and a reaction to seeing photos of myself simultaneously as a child and a ghost. This is a journey through my memory's holes, surrounded by the resonances of thought, the whispers of tinnitus, and the soft rhythms of neural networks knitting webs of consciousness amid storms of synaptic lightning.


released February 29, 2016

Synthesizers, programming, loops by Terry Skaggs
Recorded January & February 2016 in Rock Island, IL
Cover photograph by Nancy Skaggs, Canton, MO, Summer 1970




dead lizard grin Rock Island, Illinois

I grew up and still live in the Midwest of America.

Surrounded by peers who listened to classic rock I turned away and instead filtered my youth through the sonic lens of '70s European electronic music, the ambient sounds of Eno, and the darker side of '80s new wave, post punk, and new romantic.

In my 20s I began experimenting with sound, experiments which I continue to this day.
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