My Martian Summer

by dead lizard grin

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One year ago I finally figured out that I was going to die.

Well, I suppose I always knew that I'd die, but in the autumn of 2012 I had the first serious health problem of my adult life. Suddenly, instead of having the specter of my mortality a dim shadow that lurked half-forgotten in the shadows, it was now a dreaded stranger that I had to confront in a very real way.

The title and much of the music of “My Martian Summer” were inspired by this experience. As the issue faded and I drifted into the new world of my now-familiar mortality, I felt as though I was living on a different planet that I didn't quite understand. Everything seemed new and strange, every experience was unique and colored with a peculiar, enduring light.

During this time of changes, I filled my ears with Tangerine Dream's "Zeit" and "Rubycon" as well as numerous Celer pieces, and Kraftwerk. It's apparent that these outside influences filtered into "My Martian Summer."


released September 30, 2013

Created by Terry Skaggs in The Map Room between February 2011 and September 2013

The full album download includes the bonus track, "Sovereign."




dead lizard grin Rock Island, Illinois

I grew up and still live in the Midwest of America.

Surrounded by peers who listened to classic rock I turned away and instead filtered my youth through the sonic lens of '70s European electronic music, the ambient sounds of Eno, and the darker side of '80s new wave, post punk, and new romantic.

In my 20s I began experimenting with sound, experiments which I continue to this day.
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