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One evening in late 2015 I found myself alone near the sea and imagining a secret harmony in the ocean's depths.

"Surely," I thought, "the sea resonates with every energy that touches it."

Listening close with just the right ears you would hear each pale photon of starlight breaking its surface. You'd detect distant earthquakes booming within its depths and the clatter of raindrops reverberating through its many-chambered heart.

You'd hear the myriad of creatures slipping through it and perceive the gravitic pull of celestial bodies forming broad chords across its skin.

You could swim upon and within the sound itself and the song would change with distance, depth, time, and movement -- an accumulation of wave-energies gathering, echoing, singing around and through you. Even your movements would become part of the composition.

This is my symphony of the world ocean, recorded at dusk at the sandy edge of my habitat, a storm rolling in, a drink in hand, and a dream of never-heard sounds in mind.


released April 13, 2016

Synthesizers, programming, piano, samples, loops by Terry Skaggs
Recorded & mixed December 2015 - April 2016 in Rock Island, IL
Field Recording: Indian Shores, FL, December 1, 2015




dead lizard grin Rock Island, Illinois

I grew up and still live in the Midwest of America.

Surrounded by peers who listened to classic rock I turned away and instead filtered my youth through the sonic lens of '70s European electronic music, the ambient sounds of Eno, and the darker side of '80s new wave, post punk, and new romantic.

In my 20s I began experimenting with sound, experiments which I continue to this day.
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