A Box Of Ghosts II

by dead lizard grin

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Another curation of 'lost' tracks from my archives -- this time with a focus on shorter, more pastoral pieces.

"The Storm" was originally recorded on August 23, 2010. The stems and mix were lost to careless file deletion. All that remained was an mp3 of an early mix. As presented here, new parts were recorded in summer 2015 and the entire piece has been remastered.

"Church Of The Everlasting Loop" was created in early February 2007 and released on an out-of-print blue :: infinite album. The version presented here has been slightly remixed and remastered.

"Blood Red Summer Sky" was created in early February 2000. No backing tracks exist of this very old piece. It was sourced from an unmastered wav file that was demoed for the Trecento project but never used. New parts were recorded in summer 2015 when a fresh mastering polish was also undertaken.

"Winter (Ten True Summers remix)" is a remix of the Trecento track from 2005. The backing tracks to Trecento's "The Wide And Starry Sky" album were lost to a hard drive failure. This mix was sourced from an mp3 with new parts created for it in summer 2015, and has undergone fresh mastering.

"Locust Sky" is another piece from an out-of-print blue :: infinite album. Originally recorded in August and September 2006 it has been sourced from the original stems, slightly remixed, and freshly mastered.


released August 15, 2015

All sounds herein created by Terry Skaggs, except for distant guitar on "Winter (Ten True Summers remix)" by Sean Smith.




dead lizard grin Rock Island, Illinois

I grew up and still live in the Midwest of America.

Surrounded by peers who listened to classic rock I turned away and instead filtered my youth through the sonic lens of '70s European electronic music, the ambient sounds of Eno, and the darker side of '80s new wave, post punk, and new romantic.

In my 20s I began experimenting with sound, experiments which I continue to this day.
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